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rouralberto Posted blog

Testing the new Alibaba Cloud 7th Gen ECS Instances

I tested the new 7th Gen ECS Instances on Alibaba Cloud and the results are better than expected. The combination of Intel's Ice Lake with Alibaba's own X-Dragon are doing wonders.

rouralberto Posted blog

Create a Cross-Region Active-Active Application on Alibaba Cloud

This tutorial outlines how you can create a cross-region active-active application on Alibaba Cloud.

rouralberto Posted blog

Setting up GitOps with Alibaba Cloud OSS and GitHub Actions

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can set up GitOps with Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) and Github Actions

rouralberto Posted blog

Working with Tengine and OpenResty

This tutorial shows how you can run a small bash script in a server just by hitting a URL, no proxied backend needed.

rouralberto Posted blog

Exploring Aliyun Linux – A Linux Distro Made in the Cloud for the Cloud

In this article, we'll take a closer look at Aliyun Linux and will discuss the advantages of using it over other Linux-based distribution.

rouralberto Posted blog

How to Build Your Own Serverless ECS Instance Monitor

In this tutorial, we will build a TV screen monitor that will show CPU, Disk and Memory usage on ECS with CloudMonitor, all in (almost) real time.

rouralberto Posted blog

SSH Tunnelling With Alibaba Cloud To Expose A Local Environment

In this article I write about creating, with Pouch Container, a Reverse SSH server to expose a local environment on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance

rouralberto Posted blog

Building Highly Scalable Marketing Campaigns with Alibaba Cloud

This blog goes over why Alibaba Cloud is a big player in the cloud space, and why you should choose Alibaba Cloud to build highly scalable marketing campaigns.

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