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Double Eleven 2018 Tech Series - Part 2

In this series, we will highlight the technologies that help power the Double 11 Shopping Festival.

Deploying Tens of Thousands of Servers in Minutes with Container Technology

This article discusses the technical details of container optimization to support rapid server deployment during Alibaba's Double 11 Shopping Festival.

Alibaba Luban: AI-based Graphic Design Tool

Alibaba Luban supported over 200,000 merchants and produced more than 6 million banners for the Alibaba Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2018.

Managing Large Projects with Alibaba Cloud Yunxiao

In this article, we will look at Alibaba Cloud Yunxiao, an intelligent project management tool that successfully helped large projects such as the Double 11 Shopping Festival.

How Alibaba Cloud Helped Tmall Expand the Double 11 Shopping Festival for the Past 10 Years

We take a look at how two seemingly unrelated events ten year ago led to the continual success of Alibaba's annual Double 11 Shopping Festival.

Lazada Expands Double 11 Coverage in ASEAN with Alibaba Cloud CDN

Lazada reported that more than 20 million consumers browsed and shopped through their website and app, which is supported by Alibaba Cloud CDN.

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