Community Blog Series Fight Coronavirus - Part2
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Fight Coronavirus - Part2

This series outlines how Alibaba Cloud help you empower your businesses to fight against coronavirus through technology.

Alibaba Unveils Technologies to Empower Partners in Fight against Coronavirus

Alibaba Cloud has launched a series of AI tech and cloud-based solutions to support organizations worldwide in the fight against COVID-19.

Learn How Alibaba Cloud HPC Is Helping the Race towards Developing a Drug Treatment for COVID-19

Learn how Alibaba Cloud is empowering researchers across the globe through building the platform behind the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI).

Robot Factory: Fighting Coronavirus and Other Real-Life Challenges with Intelligent Chatbots

Robot Factory is an incubation platform for intelligent chatbots that uses NLP to tackle real-life issues, including dealing with the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Software R&D Collaboration: How Can We Do Things Better

With working from home becoming a new normal, an Alibaba technical expert shares some of his thoughts on R&D collaboration while working remotely.

Jack Ma Foundation Equips Africa in Fight against Coronavirus

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation committed to donating medical supplies to all 54 nations on the African continent.

Jack Ma Foundation Donates Supplies to US to Combat COVID-19

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation recently announced a donation of medical supplies to the U.S. to help combat COVID-19.

Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation Ramp up Coronavirus Aid to Europe

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across Europe, the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation have increased efforts to provide support and supplies to impacted countries.

eWTP Hub Facilitates Distribution of Supplies for Coronavirus Relief

Belgium, an eWTP member since 2018, has been working closely with Alibaba to facilitate the distribution of medical supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Jack Ma Foundation Aids Asian Countries in Fight against COVID-19

As the number of COVID-19 infections mounts across Asia, the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation have reiterated their commitment to supporting to all countries.

How Alipay Has Been Providing 24/7 Services since Spring Festival

This article provides a detailed description of the work of Ant Financial's intelligent customer service technical team.

How PolarDB Produced Scores for 1.2 Million Online Test Takers in 10 Minutes

Alibaba Cloud PolarDB helped Yuanfudao online education platform, with over 1.2 million test takers and producing scores in just 10 mins.

How to Protect Your Enterprise from Increased Security Threats when Facing Coronavirus Lockdowns

Learn how Alibaba Cloud can help to protect your enterprise from increased security threats during these difficult times.

What Would You Do If Your App Crashes during Coronavirus Outbreak?

Hear what Alibaba engineers suggest for protecting your app from crashing.

Learn How Alibaba Engineers Accommodated for Face Masks in their Algorithms

Learn how Alibaba engineers accommodated for face masks in their image recognition algorithms in response to coronavirus outbreak.

Learn How Youku Helped China's Educators Live Stream

Learn how Youku helped China's educators live-stream through high-quality video streams that feature lower latency.

Donations by the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation Arrive in Asia

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation announced a joint donation of medical supplies and protective gear to four countries in Southeast Asia.

We've Just Made a Grand Slam!

Alibaba Cloud WAF was recognized by Gartner, Forrester, Frost and Sullivan, and IDC, as a competitive leader in cloud security.

Learn How Function Compute and Shimo Docs Helped 200,000 Enterprises Resume Work Remotely in China

Learn how Alibaba Cloud Function Compute helped Shimo help 200,000 enterprises in China resume work by working remotely.

Combating the Epidemic: Learn How AMAP Engineers Launched a Medical Taxi Service in Just 3 Days

Learn how AMAP quickly launched a free medical taxi service to help doctors on the frontlines of the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan.

See How Alibaba Cloud Powered Some of China's Best Classrooms in the Cloud

Learn about the technologies that helped Onion Academy's classes stay online under the immense pressure of huge spikes in traffic during the epidemic in China.

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