Data security

User Experience vs User Security

This migration to cloud-based storage magnifies the security risks to a company's data and resources.

How to Effectively Keep DDoS Defenses Outside Your Network

In this blog, we explore the risks of DDoS attacks and look at products that can help to protect your business by keeping your servers and data is secure.

Preventing Information Breach with Alibaba Security ECO Platform

This article describes what is the ECO platform and how it provides a complete data security solution that covers the prevention, detection, location, and disposal of data breaches.

The Now and Future of Financial Data Intelligence at Ant Financial

This article outlines Ant Financial's financial data intelligence system, which is built on next-generation technology to address increasingly complex use cases.

Next-Gen Enterprise Security Based on Cloud-Native Technology

The senior director of the Cloud security department at Alibaba Cloud discusses the idea of next-gen enterprise security architecture designs based on cloud-native tech.

See How Technology Is Bringing Financial Services Online

Data and new technology are the new driving forces behind today's new and exciting world of finance. See what Alibaba's doing now to make the future of finance a reality.

Protect Your Data with Web Application Firewall

Network attacks may lead data leaks, but Web Application Firewall can protect your core business data and prevents server malfunctions caused by malicious activities and attacks.

Install NextCloud on CentOS 7 using Alibaba Cloud ECS

NextCloud is a free and open source self-hosted service that lets you host your files onto your own private server, providing you full control over your data.

SSH Keys: Secure Web & Mobile Apps for Industry-Leading Entreprises

Alibaba offers industry-leading solutions that enterprises need such as security service, to provide a solid base for their websites and mobile Apps to directly serve their customers.

MaxCompute and DataWorks Security Management Guide: Examples

This article will provide some referential examples for security management members on MaxCompute and DataWorks.

MaxCompute and DataWorks Security Management Guide: Basics (2)

This guide is aimed at facilitating project owners to understand the basics of security management for using MaxCompute with DataWorks.

MaxCompute and DataWorks Security Management Guide: Basics (1)

This guide is aimed at facilitating project owners to understand the basics of security management for using MaxCompute with DataWorks.

Path to a Trusted Front-end Code Protection

To successfully build trusted platform module in a web system, you need to ensure the data security to construct a relatively trusted front-end environment.

Securing the Data Center in a Cloud First World

A cloud-first world demands a new approach to data security from IT leaders. They must learn to be discerning when selecting from the growing range of cybersecurity services in the market.

How to defend against a database hit attack in 10 minutes or less

Alibaba Cloud Security team has detected more and more database hit attacks recently. As Big Data sees more and broader application, it would be foolish to discount the significance of these attacks.

Can iPhone X Face ID Be Cracked?

Apple released iPhone X and introduced Face ID technology for the first time. Apple's Face ID claims to be immune to spoofing from masks, but a Vietnamese cybersecurity firm defies this claim.

Alibaba Cloud DataWorks Highly Recognized by Forrester

DataWorks is listed in Forrester's Cloud Data Warehouse report as one of the core products from a global CDW service provider.

Knowing the Who's Who in the Cloud

To protect sensitive information and offer access to only those who have the right credentials, businesses need to monitor users carefully.

Improving your Organizations Data Governance Scorecard

This whitepaper looks at how businesses can improve their scores on the tests of three fundamental data governance areas.

Data Security Is Now More Important Than Ever

In this whitepaper, we will explore current trends in cybercrime, China’s data protection landscape and measures data center operators can take to secure businesses‘ cloud-based data storage.