Data storage

How ApsaraDB for RDS ESSDs Are Surpassing Your Expectations about Disks on the Cloud

This blog discusses how ApsaraDB for RDS has evolved to meet and even surpass the expectations of customers, providing better reliability, security and performance.

Optimizing Complex Data Distribution in MaxCompute

In this article, we introduce the data distribution and explain some new optimization measures in Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute.

What's New in Redis 4.0?

This article will discuss how to quickly understand and use benefits of Redis 4.0 from the perspective of users.

Redis Streams – Redis 5.0's Newest Data Type

In this article, we will look at real-world applications of Redis Streams, a new data type introduced in Redis 5.0.

MongoShake – A MongoDB-based Cross-Data Center Data Replication Platform

In this article, we will introduce MongoShake, a general platform service written in Golang.

Understanding Data Caching

Caching is an efficient way to capture interactions between your application and the data storage location.

BigBench Reaches 100 TB World Record - Alibaba Cloud Capabilities

Zhou Jingren said that data lays the foundation for artificial intelligence innovation, and possessing computing capabilities to help release the value of the data.

Implementing a Highly-Compressed Data Storage

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS for MySQL supports the TokuDB engine to store data and compress data storage to 5 to 11 times smaller than its original size.

New Product Launch: Alibaba Cloud ElasticSearch

Stay ahead of Big Data to discover the expected and uncover the unexpected with Alibaba Cloud ElasticSearch

Redis vs. Memcached: In-Memory Data Storage Systems

Redis and Memcached are both in-memory data storage systems. Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory cache service, and Redis is an open-source key-value store.

Best Practices for RDS MySQL Storage Optimization

This article talks about spatial optimization of ApsaraDB for RDS MySQL. We will discuss the various objects which comprise the RDS Console with an understanding of the composition of objects.