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Empowering Businesses: Simplifying SKU Checks with Alibaba Cloud Image Search

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through pages of search results, trying to find that similar or identical images within your database? Have you e.

The Role of Computing on the Alibaba Cloud Platform

This article discusses the importance and role of cloud computing.

Identify and Analyze Images in Real-Time Using Alibaba Cloud Image Search

This article explains how to identify and analyze images in real-time using Alibaba Cloud image search.

Proxima: A Vector Retrieval Engine independently developed by Alibaba DAMO Academy

In this article, we invited scientists at Alibaba DAMO Academy to discuss the internal technologies of the vector retrieval engine, Proxima

PostgreSQL Application in Image Search and Video and Image Deduplication

This post describes how PostgreSQL Image Search Plug-in helps to accelerate image-based searches and also highlights how PostgreSQL helps to screen out duplicate videos.

Where Does AI Stand Today?

In this blog, Jin Rong, VP of Research at Alibaba DAMO Academy, discusses the current practices, innovations, and future avenues of exploration in AI.

Exploration and Application of Visual Production Technology

In this article, Xie Xuansong (Xingtong), a Senior Algorithm Expert at DAMO Academy, will discuss and show visual-production-related technologies and applications.

Building an Image Search System with AnalyticDB

This article introduces the principles of image search and shows you how to quickly build an image search system with Alibaba Cloud AnalyticDB.

A Dual Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network to Improve Long-Tail Performance for Shop Search in E-Commerce

This blog talks about Taobao's shop search service, and how Taobao successfully improved long-tail search performance with DHGAN.

Building Smarter Apps - Learn How to Integrate AI

This article discusses AI and how to integrate AI with business applications for better outcomes. It also briefs about Alibaba Cloud's image search service.

Use Case Analysis - Image Recognition and Similar Feature Retrieval with PostgreSQL

This article discusses the challenges in image recognition and demonstrates how ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL solves these challenges.

Image Search Explained – 2 More Methods

In an earlier article titled "Principles of searching for similar images- Part 2", we introduced a method explaining how tools search for similar images.

Google Image Search Explained

How does Google "Search by image" feature work? The key technology involved here is called "perceptual hash algorithm".

Trends and Innovations of Image Search in the Retail Industry

In this article, we discuss how image search technology can be applied to the retail industry in the form of mobile virtual assistant and targeted campaigns.

High-Accuracy Population-based Image Search

In this article, Liu Lei talks about the applications of Image Search for e-commerce, developed by Alibaba's Machine Intelligence Technology Laboratory.

Finding Similar Images with Alibaba Cloud Image Search

Alibaba Cloud Image Search helps you to discover accurate image results in milliseconds. Image Search is applicable to online shopping platforms and website image sharing applications.