continuous integration

Cloud-Native Devops Best Practices(1): Continuous Integration (CI) + OpenKruise Image Pre-download

This article introduces the combination of OpenKruise's image pre-download capability with CI Pipeline to reduce pressure on image repositories in large-scale deployments.

Cloud-Native Devops Best Practices(2): GitOps + OpenKruise CloneSet

This article introduces the integration of OpenKruise with popular PaaS solutions to provide enhanced capabilities in Kubernetes environments.

Integrasi Slack dan CloudMonitor

Artikel ini menjelaskan cara mengirim peringatan CloudMonitor ke Slack Channel (atau Direct Message) melalui webhook.

What Is Jenkins?

This article provides an in-depth explanation of Jenkins, an open-source automation tool written in Java.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: Multimedia Capability Expansion Best Practices

This article describes the multimedia capability expansion feature on Xianyu using Flutter.

Instalasi CI/CD Sederhana dan Aman di Alibaba Cloud dengan SAG dan GitLab

Lihat tutorial ini tentang cara instalasi CI/CD yang sederhana dan aman di Alibaba Cloud dengan SAG dan GitLab.

Secure and Simple CI/CD setup on Alibaba Cloud, with SAG & GitLab

Check out this tutorial on how to set up a secure and simple CI/CD framework on Alibaba Cloud with SAG and GitLab.

Alibaba Cloud DevOps Flow를 이용하여 Alibaba Cloud에 최적화된 DevOps(CI/CD) 환경 구현하기

오늘 이 글에서 우리는 Alibaba Cloud의 DevOps 플랫폼인 FLOW 에 대해서 알아보도록 하겠다.

Implementing an Optimized DevOps (CI/CD) Environment Using Alibaba Cloud DevOps Flow

In this article, we will take a look at Flow, an enterprise-level automated R&D and delivery pipeline platform for DevOps by Alibaba Cloud.

DevOps Best Practices: 6 Tips to a Successful DevOps Adoption

In this blog, we'll be sharing the best practices in DevOps that the author has learned along the way in my career path.

Web+: The Web App Service (Part 4)

The final part of this series about Web+ gives three "How-to" topics related to deployment.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: Practices of High-Performance Dynamic Template Rendering

This article describes how Xianyu used DinamicX's DSL to deliver dynamic templates and implement dynamic template rendering on the Flutter side.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: AOP Design Practices

This article focuses on AspectD, a Dart-oriented AOP framework developed by Xianyu.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: Integrated Architecture of Flutter and FaaS in the Cloud

This article discusses the challenges of traditional hybrid development and explores how we can resolve them with an integrated architecture in the cloud.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: Evolution and Innovation of Flutter-Based Architecture

This article talks about the evolution and innovation of Xianyu's Flutter-based architecture.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: Design and Practices of the High-Availability Framework

This article talks about the design and practices of Xianyu's high-availability framework.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: Design of the Performance Stability Monitoring Solution

In this blog, we will share the Flutter performance stability monitoring solution summarized from the practices of Xianyu.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: Design of the Statistical Framework

This article discusses the concept of behavior tracking and introduces Xianyu's design of the statistical framework.

Flutter Analysis and Practice: Design of Lightweight Dynamic Rendering Engine

With the rapid growth of Xianyu's businesses, how can products be quickly iterated to skip the window period for these demands?

Flutter Analysis and Practice: App Framework Design Practices

This article describes the features and usage of Fish Redux for Xianyu's application.