Server Load Balancer

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Three tier applications are a base for development of modern-day dynamic websites. It all started by having on premises servers hosting server-side scripts running on a database engine.

Use of Server Load Balancers to Regulate Network Traffic

Solution: Edwin creates 4 ECS instances and installs NGINX browser. Then he uploads the website contents in all the ECS instances.

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This tutorial shows you how to configure a Server Load Balancer for ECS instances created by using Alibaba Cloud's Starter Package service.

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In this blog, we will introduce the concept of load balancing and discuss how Alibaba Cloud can help you speed up your websites or apps.

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If you've been paying attention, you've surely noticed that Alibaba Cloud's "Server Load Balancer" seems to have split in two.

How can load balancer optimizes your site performance during demanding instances?

Server load balancer helps in evenly distributing the load across different servers to avoid overburdening a single server.

CLB? ALB? 兩種負載平衡產品差異介紹

阿里雲在 Apsara Conference 2020 發布新品應用負載均衡器(ALB),本文介紹 ALB 與 CLB 差異以及常用情境。

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This article reviews the latest updates and features of Application Load Balancer (ALB) since its release late last year.

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