Alibaba Uses Cloud Technology to Reduce Heatstroke Risk during Tokyo 2020

Alibaba Group announced a new cloud-based solution to help Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 onsite staff reduce the risk of getting heatstroke during the summer in Tokyo.

COVID-19 WORLDVIEW: Worldwide Data of COVID-19

This project is from Dimas Agung Yudono, which was awarded third place (shared) in the Re-cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021.

Deploy DHIS2 on Alibaba Cloud ECS Instance

In this tutorial, we will explain how to get DHIS2 up and running on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance with Ubuntu 16.04.

PostgreSQL Best Practices: Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts for Senior Citizen Healthcare

This article discusses managing healthcare for elderly people using big data and talks about optimization methods for real-time monitoring and alerts.

How DAMO Academy Uses Medical AI to Help the Sick

This article discusses how Alibaba DAMO Academy has become symbolic of Alibaba AI's anti-epidemic efforts amid COVID-19.

Evaluating the Future of AI - Impacts, Merits, and Demerits

This article discusses various aspects of AI and its future implications. Also, it discusses how AI will make a positive impact in various industries like healthcare and robotics.

How IoT Impacts Industries and Lives?

This article discusses IoT and how it will impact industries and life in general. It also enlists applications of IoT and how Alibaba Cloud IoT solutions help organizations.

Speeding Up CT Scans to Detect COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to escalate, our CT Image Analytics for COVID-19 tool lightens the load for the healthcare sector by providing fast and accurate analysis.

How Genetic Sequencing Could Stop COVID-19 in Its Tracks

Our Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis technology is helping researchers understand how COVID-19 evolves at the genetic level to stop it on a global front.

Jack Ma Foundation Shares Coronavirus-Prevention Handbook

The Jack Ma Foundation announced the publication of a handbook detailing learnings and best practices for hospitals facing COVID-19.

Alibaba Unveils Technologies to Empower Partners in Fight against Coronavirus

Alibaba Cloud has launched a series of AI tech and cloud-based solutions to support organizations worldwide in the fight against COVID-19.

Jack Ma Foundation Donates Supplies to US to Combat COVID-19

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation recently announced a donation of medical supplies to the U.S. to help combat COVID-19.

Visualizing COVID-19: How DataV Helps Monitor and Minimize Risk

Learn how the DataV data visualization tool empowers businesses to tackle the scale and complexity of global health emergencies and respond appropriately.

Jack Ma Foundation Donates $2.15m to Australia Institute to Develop Virus Vaccine

The Jack Ma Foundation donated $2.15 million to the Peter Doherty Institute to accelerate research for a coronavirus vaccine.

How Alibaba DAMO Academy AI System Detects Coronavirus Cases

Alibaba DAMO's AI-algorithm expert explains how the academy's new artificial-intelligence tool diagnoses Covid-19 in 20 seconds with 96% accuracy.

Understanding Human/Computer Symbiosis for Artificial Intelligence

In this article, we will talk about the main areas where humans and AI technology need to improve and how human/computer interaction is going to make way for AI applications.

Beating Lung, Liver, and Cardiovascular Diseases with AI

This article discusses how artificial intelligence can be applied to the field of medical imaging to improve the efficacy of detection and treatment.

How Can Kubernetes Be Used for Genetic Analysis?

This article details how Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes can be used for genetic analysis in both research and clinical applications.

Alibaba AI Achieves the World's Best Results for Two LiTS Challenge Tasks

Alibaba stood out from nearly 100 teams of scientists for accurately detecting liver nodules in the Liver Tumor Segmentation Challenge (LiTS Challenge).

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI: Online Predictive Deployment for Health Monitoring

This article describes how to use the Online Predictive Deployment feature of Alibaba Cloud's Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) to monitor user health in real time.