Cloud Monitor

Cloud-Native and Application Management with Ease – Part 2

Part 2 of this 7-part series discusses cloud-native architecture, its principles, and models.

Zero-Trust Security – Part 2: Getting Started with Zero-Trust Security

Part 2 of this 3-part article series discusses the technology implementation behind zero-trust security architecture and prepaes enterprises for its implementation.

Hacking and Downtime

This article will discover the underlying logic and methodology of memory dump analysis and demonstrate the whole process from analysis to conclusion through a real online case.

Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS – Part: 3 More Use-Case Scenarios and DevOps

This article series will discuss and outline some major features, benefits, comparisons, and use-case scenarios of the Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS.

Security and Monitoring Practices – Alibaba Cloud Storage Solutions – Part 2

Part 2 of this article series focuses on Object Storage Service Sandboxing, and overall monitoring, and metrics collection with Alibaba Cloud Storage Solutions.

Security and Monitoring Practices – Alibaba Cloud Storage Solutions – Part 3

Part 3 of this article series will continue discussing error diagnosis, using network logging tools, E2E tracking/diagnosis, troubleshooting, and OSS sandboxing.

Implementation of Agile Practices with DevOps

This article discusses the pros, cons, and overall relationship between DevOps and Agile offerings.

Protecting Your Business from DDoS Attacks with Alibaba Cloud

When you deploy your servers on Alibaba Cloud, you can take advantage of a complete range of anti DDoS protection services that are easy to set up.

Cloud Resource Usage Monitoring with Cloud Monitor

This blog gives you a complete guidance on Alibaba Cloud's resource monitoring service, Cloud Monitor.

How to Monitor and Autoscale Cloud Native Applications in Kubernetes

This article describes how a cloud-native application seamlessly integrates monitoring and autoscaling capabilities in Kubernetes.

Smart Scalability Solutions with Auto Scaling

This blog discusses the issue of balancing demand and supply of your resources, and shows you how you can alleviate it with Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling product.

Systematic Solution for Android Native Memory Leak

This article describes how AMAP's technical team has developed a unique solution to address memory leak challenges in order to ensure the quality of their android app.

Infrastructure as Code with Resource Orchestration Service

In this post, we discuss the importance of having an Infrastructure as Code deployment for DevOps and show you how you can achieve it with Resource Orchestration Service.

Sending Cloud Monitor Events to Slack through Function Compute

In this blog, we will show the necessary steps to integrate Alibaba Cloud Monitor's event monitoring capability and create event notifications using Slack.

Uptime & monitoring strategies for cloud - eCommerce apps/websites

After your eCommerce site is up and running in the cloud, what do you do? E-commerce websites and applications may need to have a full range of soluti...