Supply Chain

Alibaba Cloud Continues to Deliver Digital Transformation to Benefit a Wide Range of Industries Across Asia

Customers from logistics, financial service, e-commerce and media boost business performance and deliver better customer experience through proven cloud-based technologies.

Redefining Supply Chain Optimization through Precision and Proactivity

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud's AI Supply Chain solution that automates operations, provides data-driven insights, and offers accurate demand forecasting.

Alibaba Cloud has been Named a Representative Vendor in the Gartner® Market Guide for A&DI Platforms in Supply Chain

Gartner's Market Guide for Analytics and Decision Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain recently recognized Alibaba Cloud as the only Chinese company and a Representative Vendor in the report.

Achieve Your Digital Transformation Goals with Alibaba Cloud’s Manufacturing Practices

This short article discusses the benefits of Alibaba Cloud for Manufacturing.

Alibaba Blends Retail With Technology to Build Green Supply Chains

Alibaba Group is leveraging its platform power and cloud computing capabilities to create greener supply chains in China.

5 Ways Alibaba Cloud is Helping the World's Supply Chain Issues

In this blog, we will explore how Alibaba Cloud is helping the world's supply chain issues in 5 ways.

Requirement Hierarchy - Alibaba DevOps Practice Guide Part 4

Part 4 of this 27-part series analyzes the requirement sources, the requirement hierarchy, and the value of each layer.

[Infographic] Accelerate Digitization in Retail Services with Alibaba Cloud

Learn how to accelerate digitization in retail services with Alibaba Cloud through five steps.

Project Showcase | Supply Chain Optimization though Weather Forecasting

This project is from the TeamAS, which was awarded with the Innovation Award in the Global AI Innovation Challenge 2021 - Intelligent Weather Forecast for Better life.

Red Dragonfly Success Story: Doing Business in the Era of Digitization and Intelligentization

This blog shares the story of Red Dragonfly, a leading fashion retailer in China, of its recent success despite shutting down 4000 stores due to COVID-19.

4 Ways AI Is Influencing Manufacturing

This article explains the benefits of AI in the manufacturing industry.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 7: Building a Smarter Supply Chain

Part 7 of this 8-part series explains how Buttercup Spices enabled a smarter supply chain using Alibaba Cloud and how they can overcome challenges and bridge gaps between production and delivery.

The Iyiou Think Tank Report: Alibaba Cloud's DME Is the Preferred Solution in Chinese Dairy Industry

The article discusses the "Data Mid-end Solutions Report for the China Dairy Industry 2020" and explains how Alibaba Cloud's DME provides customized industry solutions.

Youku's Digital Practice in the Supply Chain of Long Video Content

Qian Kai, Senior Technical Expert of the Youku Technology Center Content Platform, shared talks about Youku's digital practice in the supply chain of long video content.

Ant Blockchain BaaS, Tested in Real Business Applications

This article looks at how Ant Blockchain BaaS has reached new technology heights and has been used in dozens of real-world applications across several different industries.

Learn How the Industrial Internet is Helping Enterprises Get Back on Feet Faster

Learn how Alibaba Cloud is paving the way to make the Industrial Internet help enterprises resume production faster.

How Can Small Businesses Survive the COVID-19? Learn How Innovative Financial Models Can Help

The coronavirus is not only detrimental to our health. It's also a major threat to small businesses all around the world.

How Chinese Retail Will Win the War Against COVID-19 and Create a Digital Revolution

This article explores how Chinese retail will win the war against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).