Relational Database

First Experience with PostgreSQL 13 Beta 1

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group released the first beta of PostgreSQL 13 on May 21, 2020. Zhuodao takes a look at all the new features and changes.

Applying Machine Learning to Big Data Processing

This blog discusses some applications of machine learning in big data including data processing, census data analyzing, and the pipelines machine learning.

Breaking the Limits of Relational Database in Cloud Native Era

Learn how Alibaba Cloud deep dive into its next-generation database and overcome limits of relational database in cloud native era.

Really Worth it? How Does ApsaraDB for RDS and an User-Created MySQL Database Compare

Host a database of your own or purchase one of Alibaba Cloud's databases? Which has better performance? Read on to find out.

Flink 1.9: Using SQL Statements to Read Data from Kafka and Write to MySQL

This article includes the code that I demonstrated in my speech, entitled Flink SQL 1.9.0 Technologies and Best Practices, which sparked a lot of interest from the audience.