The Influx of Banking Trojans – A New Variant of BankBot Trojan

Researchers from the security company Dr.Web reported a while back that the source code of a recent untitled Android bank Trojan was leaked to underground hacker forums.

Hello World - Introducing the All-New Alibaba Cloud Community Blog

The new community blog platform provides our readers with a more interactive and easy-to-use experience.

"Massive sales… just for you!" - The Art of Personalized Marketing

Retailers are now focusing less on what the masses want, and more on what the individual wants. Personalized marketing in retail is what’s vogue nowad...

MaxCompute 2.0 The Evolution of NewSQL

In an era of DT where a growing numbers of companies move their application data to the cloud. This article discusses the background of Alibaba Cloud ...

Conway's Law – A Theoretical Basis for the Microservice Architecture

Microservices architecture is a new concept that has become very popular and has become a hot topic of research recently.

Improving your Organizations Data Governance Scorecard

This whitepaper looks at how businesses can improve their scores on the tests of three fundamental data governance areas.

Big Data's Data Trap 1: Plato's Allegory of the Cave

There is an old Chinese saying that goes, "to believe everything that is written in books is even worse than to have no books at all." If that phrase

Learning through Mistakes: Java's Three BlockingQueues

Recently, my team of programmers and I discovered a minor fault with the application request mechanism. After a few checks, we found the root cause of

Demystifying Cloud Latency

In the days before the ubiquitous Internet, understanding latency was relatively straightforward. You simply counted the number of router hops between

Learning Machine Learning, Part 2: Algorithms and Techniques

In most Machine Learning courses, regression algorithms are the first to be introduced for two reasons: Regression algorithms are relatively simple,

Cloud technology in today's job market

According to a survey conducted by Gartner in 2016 among 948 IT professionals from 30 countries, 22% considered the cloud as the technology that would

Three industries you didn't realize are benefitting from big data

Big data and analytics have long since transitioned from being buzzwords to delivering tangible business results.

The 4 ethical issues in AI we're all thinking about

Everyone's keeping an eye on artificial intelligence. This technology has advanced at such a rapid rate that its impact on people's lives so far has been mind-blowing.

Changing the Way of Continuous Delivery with Docker (Part 1)

The internet industry has been constantly changing market demands and products, forcing organizations to adapt by making constant deliveries and updates to their production environment.

Changing the Way of Continuous Delivery with Docker (Part 2)

Docker has reformed the way of conducting continuous delivery. Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standar.

Introduction to Backend as a Service (BaaS)

As a new cloud service, Backend as a Service (BaaS), or Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), seeks to provide mobile and web applications with backend.