Key Management Service in Action: A Hands-On Guide for Data Encryption

Key Management Service (KMS) is an end-to-end service platform for key management and data encryption.

Create a NAS File System Storage and Bind to an ECS Instance

Bài viết này sẽ hướng dẫn tạo một NAS STORAGE và gắn vào MÁY ẢO ECS

What Are the Differences Between OSS, NAS, and EBS?

This article introduces common storage types and their differences to help readers select the appropriate storage type for different requirements and scenarios.

Get Shared Access to Files with Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS

This short article defines cloud file storage and the benefits of Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS.

IIS Applications Store Data Directories on Alibaba Cloud SMB File Systems for Elastic Storage

This article describes how to configure an IIS virtual directory to an Alibaba Cloud SMB file system for massive storage expansion.

How to Modify Root Directory Permissions of the Alibaba Cloud File System NAS SMB

This article explains how to modify root directory permissions of the Alibaba Cloud file system (NAS SMB).

A Guide to the SMB ACL Superuser Feature of Alibaba Cloud File System

This short article discusses two cases that apply to the SMB ACL superuser feature.

Back up from Alibaba Cloud OSS to Your Synology NAS Internally

This article explains how to back up OSS to Synology NAS step-by-step.

How to Use Cloud Services to Build a NAS and Share Files Securely

This article describes how to configure Alibaba Cloud NAS and share files securely.

What Is NAS Storage and How It Works

NAS is connected to the network and has the function of data storage. The cost is lower but the efficiency is higher than using server storage.

The Technical Practice of Distributed Locks in a Storage System

This article discusses the implementation principle, technical selection, and specific practices of distributed locking on Alibaba Cloud Storage.

Run, Debug, and Release NAS Configured Functions Locally

This article looks at the local debugging, running, and releasing processes of functions configured with NAS, covering the several different methods you can use.

Alibaba Cloud Network Attached Storage Now Available

Alibaba Cloud users can now enjoy simple, scalable, and reliable network attached storage for use with ECS instances, HPC, and Alibaba Cloud Container Servicein Singapore and Mainland China regions.