Internet of Things

How IoT Impacts Industries and Lives?

This article discusses IoT and how it will impact industries and life in general. It also enlists applications of IoT and how Alibaba Cloud IoT solutions help organizations.

Laying the Cornerstone of IoT Security and Empowering the New Digital Economy

This article discusses how IoT security is becoming a major concern with the rapid increase in devices and how Alibaba copes with this through its robust infrastructure.

Provisioning IoT Clusters with ApsaraDB for PostgreSQL

This article focuses on how ApsaraDB for PostgreSQL meets the requirements of IoT applications while maintaining the needs of varying data structures and datasets.

How DAMO Academy Uses Medical AI to Help the Sick

This article discusses how Alibaba DAMO Academy has become symbolic of Alibaba AI's anti-epidemic efforts amid COVID-19.

How to Analyze the Network Behaviors of IoT-enabled Devices Using Wireshark

This article explains how to use the network packet capturing tool, Wireshark, for analyzing the network behaviors of IoT-enabled devices.

Using Service Subscription (HTTP/2) to Retrieve Device Status

This article describes how to retrieve the device status of an IoT device through HTTP/2 channel subscription for effectively implementing the state-specific processing.

Using HTTPS to Access IoT Platform from a Device

This article describes how to access the IoT Platform using HTTPS. It explains the complete process through a Node.js case study.

Usage Tips for the IoT Platform: Retrieving Device Status by Calling API Operations

Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform provides multiple cloud API operations for retrieving the device status. This article describes how to call these API operations.

IoT Development Practices: Decoding a Cloud Solution

This article illustrates the Internet of Things (IoT) development practices using an intelligent washing machine example to describe the core modules.

How to Manage Control Instructions for Offline Devices through Device Shadow

This article describes how to send and manage control instructions for offline devices through device shadow.

Creating Real-Time Digital Twins for Manufacturers

In this article, we'll explore how a live virtual model of the factory floor can dramatically improve production processes.

How to Set up a DHCP Server on a Linux Virtual Machine

This tutorial describes how to set up a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server on a local network to achieve a fully automatic network configuration.

Time Series Database vs. Common Database Technologies for IoT

Alibaba Cloud High-Performance Time Series Database (HiTSDB) supports reliable writing of large-scale time series data and flexibly completes business data aggregation analysis in real time.

Smart cities are just around the corner

The Internet of Things (IoT), empowered by cloud computing, is evolving at a rapid rate in preparation for a mass roll out to the global consumer market.

DAMO Academy: 10 Key Trends Shaping Tech in 2019

From speech intelligence and graph neural networks to heterogeneous computing and autonomous driving, here are the top 10 trends Alibaba DAMO Academy forecasts for 2019.

Designing a Cloud-based Architecture for Internet of Vehicles: IoV Series (II)

After analyzing the traditional IDC application architecture, we found that many pain points are caused by the system architecture.

Performing Daily Incremental Upload from OSS to MaxCompute Using Data Integration

This tutorial describes how we can easily import data from OSS into MaxCompute on a daily basis with Data Integration.

Alibaba Launches AliOS Things 3.0 at Apsara Conference 2019

Alibaba Cloud just launched AliOS Things 3.0, which is Alibaba's newest addition to its IoT-focused platform made to empower everything IoT and AIoT related.

Introduction to the MQTT Protocol and Alibaba Cloud's IoT Platform

In this article, we will discuss about the MQTT protocol and show you how to establish MQTT connections to the Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform.

What Is PipelineDB and How Can I Use It?

This article looking at the concepts behind PipelineDB, the scenarios it can be used in, its advantages, and how you can quickly develop, test, and deploy PipelineDB.