Cloud migration

Best Practice: Migrate AWS ElastiCache to Alibaba Cloud Tair via RIOT

This article explains how RIOT makes it easy to migrate data from AWS ElastiCache to cloud-native in-memory databases (such as Tair and ApsaraDB for Redis) with examples.

OpenAnolis Whitepaper: A Smooth Migration Solution for CentOS

This short article explains how OpenAnolis developed a set of effective migration methodologies to support users migrating operating systems, including CentOS.

A Note on Performance Degradation When Migrating from Oracle to MySQL

MySQL databases behave quite differently from Oracle databases. In this article, we will list a few common operations that may cause problems during migration from Oracle to MySQL.

Majority of Philippine Businesses Expect Full Cloud Migration in Two Years

Alibaba Cloud committed to serve local businesses through innovative solutions, strengthened partnerships and digital talent skills empowerment.

A Compatibility Evaluation Tool for Migrating SQL Server to PostgreSQL (Babelfish): Babelfish Compass

This article discusses the Babelfish Compass, including its background, evaluation guidelines, and tests.

Hands-On Lab | Migrate User-Created MySQL to ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL with DTS

Part 3 of this 5-part series explains how to migrate user-created MySQL to ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL with DTS.

Hands-On Lab | Migrate User-Created MySQL to PolarDB for MySQL with DTS and Explore DTS Full Data Verification

Part 4 of this 5-part series explains how to migrate user-created MySQL to PolarDB for MySQL with DTS and explore DTS full data verification.

Hands-On Lab | Migrate User-Created PostgreSQL to ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL through Cloud Migration

Part 5 of this 5-part series explains how to migrate user-created PostgreSQL to ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL through cloud migration based on streaming replication.

What Is a Alibaba Cloud Migration Tool ?

This short article introduces Alibaba Cloud Migration Tool and its features.

SysOM 2.0 Supports One-Stop Operating System Migration

This article discusses upgrades in SysOM version 2.0 and the importance of achieving one-stop migration assessment, migration implementation, and post-migration optimization through tools.

Cloud Migration Solutions from Alibaba Cloud ISV

This article is all about Alibaba Cloud Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Solutions for Cloud Migration.

A Majority of Asia Businesses Expect to Increase Cloud Investment in 2023

Four in five businesses in Asia are planning a full cloud migration by 2024; Security, local support and pricing continue to drive public cloud adopti...

Data Migration – Types, Process, Best Practices, and Tools

This article explains different types of data migration, each process, the best practices to follow, and tools for easier data migration.

ChaosBlade Performance Optimization in Java Scenarios

This article introduces problems that affect ChaosBlade performance and how to optimize said problems.

Upgrade Earlier Versions of SQL Server Instance on Alibaba Cloud to SQL Server 2019 Using Data Migration Assistant

This article explains how to upgrade your user databases from previous versions of SQL Server to SQL Server 2019 over Alibaba Cloud using the Data Migration Assistant (DMA).



Embark on a Smooth Cloud Migration Journey with Alibaba Cloud

This short article discusses cloud migration and how Alibaba Cloud's solutions can offer hassle-free assistance.

Streamline Your Migration Experience with Alibaba Cloud Database Solutions

This short article defines cloud databases, their importance, and their key features.

Detailed Guide for Migrating from CentOS to Anolis OS

How do CentOS users migrate smoothly to Anolis OS? Read this blog to find out.

Alibaba Cloud Server Migration Center

This article describes the migration process of Service Migration Center (SMC).