Network Attached Storage

Get Shared Access to Files with Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS

This short article defines cloud file storage and the benefits of Alibaba Cloud File Storage NAS.

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This article explains how to back up OSS to Synology NAS step-by-step.

How to Use Cloud Services to Build a NAS and Share Files Securely

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Alibaba Cloud Integrated Solution for Autonomous Driving: Breaking through Technology Bottlenecks

To meet diverse needs of the autonomous driving industry, Alibaba Cloud created a data storage solution that integrates data collection, transmission, storage and computing.

Container Storage: Migrating from FlexVolume to CSI (NAS and OSS Volumes)

This article shows you how to replace Alibaba Cloud NAS and OSS volumes mounted through FlexVolume with those of the Container Storage Interface (CSI) type.

Alibaba Cloud NAS: The One Container Solution for Cloud-Native Technology

This blog talks about the challenges posed by cloud native to storage technology, and discusses how Alibaba Cloud NAS can help overcome them.

Define Next-Generation Storage for All-New Data Infrastructure

This blog introduces Alibaba Cloud's next-generation storage products that can help you build better solutions for your business.

Using Alibaba Cloud's Network Attached Storage (NAS) with Function Compute

In this tutorial, we will show you how to read and write data to Alibaba Cloud's Network Attached Storage (NAS) service from an Alibaba Cloud Function Compute serverless function.

Connect Environments with Alibaba Cloud Express Connect – Part 2: Use Cases

This article discusses Express Connect in a hybrid cloud environment and the different use-case and implementation scenarios.

Seven Challenges for Cloud-native Storage in Practical Scenarios

This article describes possible problems for cloud-native storage in diverse scenarios, and explores their feasible solutions.

OSS: A High Performance Encrypted, Object Storage Cloud System

This blog defines the issues occurs in traditional storage which overcome with the help of object storage system.

Unlock Cloud-Native AI Skills | Develop Your Machine Learning Workflow

Unlock your cloud native skills and learn how you can quickly develop your machine learning workflow in a serverless environment.

Using Logtail to Collect Logs from NAS Mounted on Kubernetes

This article shows you how to use Logtail to collect logs from NAS mounted on Kubernetes through sidecar mode and separate deployment of Logtail.

How to Use NAS Persistent Volumes Dynamically in a Kubernetes Cluster

In this article, we will introduce a solution for dynamically generating a NAS volume in a Kubernetes cluster on Alibaba Cloud.

Deploying FreeNAS in Alibaba Cloud ECS

In this article, we will install and configure FreeNAS on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

Alibaba Cloud Network Attached Storage Now Available

Alibaba Cloud users can now enjoy simple, scalable, and reliable network attached storage for use with ECS instances, HPC, and Alibaba Cloud Container Servicein Singapore and Mainland China regions.