Software Development

How to Use the Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Business Code

This article provides a comprehensive guide as to CoR’s definition, benefits, suitable scenarios, practical examples, and detailed implementation steps to introduce how to use it within business code.

Alibaba Cloud Pilots AI Coding Assistant to Help Employees Write Code

Alibaba Cloud said this week that it’s using an AI-powered programming assistant to help developers at the company with coding.

Custom AI Software Development

Drive business growth with custom AI software development. Unlock the power of intelligent applications tailored to your unique requirements.

Integrate ZOLOZ on Application

ZOLOZ is a technology solution from Ant Group, a platform to serves real identity verification and authentication based on biometrics.

Why People Always Think Software Development Is Easy

This short article discusses the complexity of software development. Software development can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Anolis OS and OpenAnolis: From Basic Software to Cloud Native

This article is based on the on-site sharing of Ma Tao, a researcher at Alibaba Group and head of the operating system of Alibaba Cloud Basic Software Department.

Microservices: Does Cost and Complexity Justify Speed and Agility?

This article discusses when you should use microservices and when you should consider other options.

How Low-Code Development Is Accelerating Digitization for Businesses

What exactly is low-code, and how can it benefit non-technical staff and IT experts alike? Read on to find out!

Why Is BizDevOps an Inevitable Trend of DevOps? - Alibaba DevOps Practice Guide Part 1

Part 1 of this 27-part series dives deeper into BizDevOps, lean thinking, and leanness.

Feature-Centered Continuous Delivery - Alibaba DevOps Practice Guide Part 8

Part 8 of this 27-part series discusses feature-centered continuous delivery engineering practices and effective implementation.

Application Environment Capabilities - Alibaba DevOps Practice Guide Part 15

Part 15 of this 27-part series explains the importance of an application environment solution.

Low-Code/No-Code: The End of Software Developers As We Know Them?

Will no-code and low-code cause the demise of traditional software development roles?

An In-Depth Understanding of Aggregation in Domain-Driven Design

This article discusses the definition, value, and practices of aggregation in domain-driven design (DDD)

What Is Low-Code?

This article introduces the basic concepts, core values, and current status of the low-code industry.

Integration of DevOps for Software Development & Delivery

This blog will describe about the development and delivery of software with the integration of DevOps.

How Do SMEs Efficiently Develop Software at Home

This article discusses the challenges and solutions of microservice development and continuous R&D through remote collaboration, and explains how Apsara DevOps solves them.

Software R&D Collaboration: How Can We Do Things Better

With working from home becoming a new normal, an Alibaba technical expert shares some of his thoughts on R&D collaboration while working remotely.

How Many of the Six Coding Methods Do You Know?

In this post, Changyi, a technical expert from Amap, discusses the six major methods of coding and talks about why you may want to know them all.