Machine Learning

Taobao's Core Commercial AI System Explained

This post briefly explains the core commercial AI system for Taobao and discusses how it has transformed the app into an "intelligent app".

Frontend Production Methods in the Past 10 Years and the Next 10 Years

This article deep-dives into "frontend", speaking on its evolution from ten years ago until now, and ten years into the future.

Alibaba Cloud Object Detection

Pelajari bagaimana cara menggunakan salah satu feature machine learning Alibaba Cloud yang mudah digunakan: Alibaba Cloud Object Detection.

Build a Cloud Data Lake Using E-MapReduce

This article is based on the enterprise data lake construction solution using E-MapReduce and customer best practices shared by Ziguan.

Alibaba Cloud PAI: New Features of Alibaba Cloud's Machine Learning Platform

This article discusses the newly introduced features and capabilities of Alibaba Cloud's machine learning platform, PAI.

Build a Personalized Recommendation System on Alibaba Cloud in Three Steps

This article explains how to build a personalized recommendation system by illustrating a news recommendation system using AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL.

Evolution of Text Recognition in AMAP Data Production

This article explores how image recognition technology is used in AMAP data production for more accurate character and text recognition.

Basic Machine Learning: How to Recognize a Cat

This article explains the main steps for training a machine and obtaining a model, provides some simple practices, and shares a basic principle of machine learning.

KDD 2020: Semi-Supervised Collaborative Filtering by Text-Enhanced Domain Adaptation

Hear 3 experts from the Alibaba Group and 2 researchers from Tsinghua University talk about recommendation algorithms and machine learning.

KDD 2020: Learning to Generate Personalized Query Auto-Completions with a New Approach

6 researchers explain the typical problems of query auto-completion with search engines and why the multi-view/multi-task attentive approach can be the solution.

Prediction and Profiling the Audience Competition for Online TV Series

Five researchers explore the audience competition for online TV series by providing the competitiveness definition, algorithm design, and experimental comparison.

A Dual Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network to Improve Long-Tail Performance for Shop Search in E-Commerce

This blog talks about Taobao's shop search service, and how Taobao successfully improved long-tail search performance with DHGAN.

Controllable Multi-Interest Framework for Recommendation

6 researchers propose a controllable multi-interest framework for recommendation, which is used to recommend items based on a user's click sequence.

Understanding Negative Sampling in Graph Representation Learning

6 researchers explain benefits and challenges of graph representation learning.

Disentangled Self-supervision in Sequential Recommenders

This paper presents a new training method that allows the recommender to learn the user's next intention and more intentions to come.

Learning Stable Graphs from Heterogeneous Confounded Environments

We present the SGL learning framework to learn stable graph structures from heterogeneous confounded environments.

Comprehensive Information Integration Modeling Framework for Video Titling

This article talks about the Gavotte model, which is used to automatically generate titles for buyer-uploaded videos in e-commerce scenarios.

GCC: Graph Contrastive Coding for Graph Neural Network Pre-training

This article introduces Graph Contrastive Coding (GCC), pre-training framework that uses the contrastive learning method to pre-train graph neural networks.

M2GRL: A Multi-Task Multi-View Graph Representation Learning Framework for Web-Scale Recommender Systems

5 researchers propose the usage of a multi-task multi-view graph representation learning framework to learn node representations from multi-view graph...

Privileged Features Distillation at Taobao Recommendations

10 Alibaba Cloud experts discuss feature input in prediction tasks and using PFD to maximize privileged features, particularly with Taobao recommendations.