Application development

Securing your Jenkins Server Installation

This article is aimed at helping you get to know about the security risks a jenkins server may face, and show you how you can mitigate these problems.

A Practical Guide | Application Development in Serverless Architecture

This article describes many challenges and scenarios regarding Serverless architecture.

How to Develop Serverless Devs Package Quickly?

This article introduces Serverless Devs Packages and package and component development.

Microservices: Does Cost and Complexity Justify Speed and Agility?

This article discusses when you should use microservices and when you should consider other options.

Useful Debugging Practices: How to Realize Serverless Breakpoint Debugging

This article uses the Serverless Devs tool to guide the breakpoint debugging steps of Function Compute (FC) applications in detail.

All About Simple Application Server

This article gives a short description of Alibaba Cloud Simple Application Server

An Alibaba Engineer's Thoughts on How to Be a Better Engineer

Kuilin Qu, senior frontend expert at Alibaba, shares his experience on how he became a better frontend engineer.

MagiCV: Online Interactive CV Maker

This project is from Vieri Lusen, which was awarded Favorite Prize (shared) in the Re-cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021.

Life Dashboard: Simple Online Note for Your Daily Life

This project is from Ach Rozikin, which was awarded Favourite Prize (shared) in the Re-cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021.

COVID-19 WORLDVIEW: Worldwide Data of COVID-19

This project is from Dimas Agung Yudono, which was awarded third place (shared) in the Re-cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021.

Baselog: Home Office Solutions

This project is from Agung Ardiyanto, which was awarded third place (shared) in the Re-cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021.

School Routine: Students' Task Management

This project is from Yusril Adriansyah Putra, which was awarded second place (shared) in the Re-cloud Challenges Indonesia 2021.

Understanding Kubernetes from the Perspective of Application Development

This article introduces some basic knowledge about Kubernetes for developers to master and use.

Deploy Plesk on Alibaba Cloud to Build and Run Your Websites and Apps

This tutorial shows how to pair Plesk with Alibaba Cloud to develop, secure and run your websites, applications and online business.

Applications Architecture on Kubernetes

This article outlines the best practices for managing IT infrastructure with Kubernetes.