Driving Innovation Across Sectors: Alibaba Cloud's Pivotal Role in Malaysia's Industrial Digital Transformation

Diverse businesses benefit as Alibaba Cloud catalyses digital transformations across a spectrum of industries in Malaysia.

The Benefits of Using EasyDispatch for Delivery Businesses

This short article explores the benefits of using EasyDispatch for delivery businesses.

Alibaba Cloud Unveils New AI Solution to Help Elevate Malaysia’s Logistics Industry

Global cloud leader also signs MoU with local logistics companies Global Track and EasyParcel to drive business efficiency.

Optimizing and Improving warehouse outbound-picking process by using Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform For A.I. (PAI)

This article describes how Alibaba cloud environments and Artificial Intelligence – machine learning can be utilized in supply chain management (SCM) / Logistics – warehouse management system.

ViaEurope Selects Alibaba Cloud as Trusted Cloud Service Provider to Tackle E-commerce Logistics Challenges

Both parties will collaborate on the rollout of a joint smart logistics solution to support European customers with cross-border shipment.

MatarStars’ Smart Freight Management Platform Optimizes Business Operations for the Logistics Industry

The Vietnamese startup has developed an AI-powered solution to help businesses better manage their logistics processes.

Alibaba Cloud's "Big Computing Power" Speeds Up Inceptio's Autonomous Driving Simulation by 20!

This short article discusses Inceptio Technology's usage of data intelligence systems through its relationship with Alibaba Cloud.

Luwjistik Is Making Cross-Border Logistics More Secure and Efficient

Connecting with a logistics network partner will take only a few clicks using Luwjistik’s intuitive platform.

Alibaba's Driverless Robots Make 10 Million Deliveries

Xiaomanlv autonomous robots developed by Alibaba Group delivered more than 10 million parcels as of March 31, according to the latest company earnings report.

How Can My Logistics Business Deliver in a Disrupted Market with the Cloud?

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5 Ways Alibaba Cloud is Helping the World's Supply Chain Issues

In this blog, we will explore how Alibaba Cloud is helping the world's supply chain issues in 5 ways.

MyRobin: Provide Blue-collar Workers in Indonesia with Fair Access to Jobs

MyRobin also offers various financial services to workers who use the MyRobin app.

Using EasyDispatch to Enhance Accuracy and Time Efficiency for Service and Logistic Industries

This short article discusses the benefits of EasyDispatch.

How ApsaraDB for Redis Supports for the November 11 shopping spree

In this article, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraDB for Redis by using several typical business scenarios encountered during Alibaba's Double Eleven (Singles' Day) festival.

Double Eleven Technology Series: Logistics and Dynamic Path Planning

This article introduces how Alibaba optimizes logistics for the Double Eleven online shopping festival using PostgreSQL, Greenplum, and PostGIS.

Double 11 Logistics: Cainiao's Battle of "Billions of Parcels"

The solutions that Cainiao, Alibaba's Smart Logistics Network, created have helped make impossible possible, greatly accelerating deliveries during Double 11.

Alibaba Cainiao's Algorithms to Improve Multi-agent System Efficiency

This article describes the concepts of task assignment and path planning in a multi-agent scenario by demonstrating how to minimize the idle time of stations in sortation centers.

Multipoint Optimal Path Planning in Travel, Carpooling, Parcel Distribution

This article discusses travel path optimization in two typical scenarios: round trip, and starting at one point and arriving at a different terminal point.

Technologies Used in Pilotless Driving – Part 2: PostGIS Point Cloud Application

This article discusses data storage optimization in spatial systems using GiST and BRIN indexes and explores the advantages of GiST indexes and geohashing.