Using EasyDispatch to Enhance Accuracy and Time Efficiency for Service and Logistic Industries

This short article discusses the benefits of EasyDispatch.

How ApsaraDB for Redis Supports for the November 11 shopping spree

In this article, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraDB for Redis by using several typical business scenarios encountered during Alibaba's Double Eleven (Singles' Day) festival.

Double Eleven Technology Series: Logistics and Dynamic Path Planning

This article introduces how Alibaba optimizes logistics for the Double Eleven online shopping festival using PostgreSQL, Greenplum, and PostGIS.

Double 11 Logistics: Cainiao's Battle of "Billions of Parcels"

The solutions that Cainiao, Alibaba's Smart Logistics Network, created have helped make impossible possible, greatly accelerating deliveries during Double 11.

Alibaba Cainiao's Algorithms to Improve Multi-agent System Efficiency

This article describes the concepts of task assignment and path planning in a multi-agent scenario by demonstrating how to minimize the idle time of stations in sortation centers.

Multipoint Optimal Path Planning in Travel, Carpooling, Parcel Distribution

This article discusses travel path optimization in two typical scenarios: round trip, and starting at one point and arriving at a different terminal point.

Technologies Used in Pilotless Driving – Part 2: PostGIS Point Cloud Application

This article discusses data storage optimization in spatial systems using GiST and BRIN indexes and explores the advantages of GiST indexes and geohashing.

Technologies Used in Pilotless Driving – Part 1: PostGIS Point Cloud Application

This article discusses spatial technologies used in pilotless driving systems and talks in-depth about performance bottlenecks and optimizations.

Alibaba Cloud Sees 50% Increase in Demand for Cloud Technologies During Circuit Breaker Period

More Singapore SMEs are embracing Cloud technologies to weather the impacts of COVID-19.

What Alibaba's Doing to Bring in the Future of Autonomous Driving

This article looks at the current state of autonomous driving and Alibaba's vision of its future and how it plans to get there.

eWTP Hub Facilitates Distribution of Supplies for Coronavirus Relief

Belgium, an eWTP member since 2018, has been working closely with Alibaba to facilitate the distribution of medical supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Chinese Businesses Optimistic during Coronavirus, Says Alibaba Research Unit

A paper by Luohan Academy showed that enterprises across China remain optimistic about business prospects despite coronavirus concerns.

New Solution for Third-Party Logistics

Alibaba Cloud and Credits have developed a blockchain-based solution for the logistics industry to increase efficiency by building trust between suppliers and consumers.

Securing Deliveries with Smart Technologies

Alibaba Cloud and Credits have partnered up to develop a transparent, blockchain-powered Smart Payment Service to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Alibaba Cloud and Cainiao Network: Digital and Intelligent Upgrade of the Entire Logistics Chain

At the Global Smart Logistics Summit in Hangzhou, Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group, proposed that the logistics industry is now evolving through comprehensive digitalization.

Speeding Up Logistics with a Lightweight Timer Task Scheduling Engine

In this article, you will get introduced to the concept of the timing wheel solution in the form of software to improve the performance of logistics systems.